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CES or Cranial Electrical Stimulation: 




Electro Medicine, Brain Tuners,  Electro-Stimulation Devices, BT5, BT6, Dr. Bob Beck, Oasis, Nustar, NASA, Pain Treatment, Accelerated Learning, etc..            

Light & Sound Machines:

Mind Machine, Brain Machine, Meditation Goggles, Audio-Visual Entrainment Devices, AVE Devices, Brain Wave Entrainment Devies, BWE Devices, Brain Wave Synchronizers, Comptronic Devices, DAVID Paradise, Photosonix, Nova Pro 100, Muse Sharp, Galaxy Pro, Future Mind, Synetic Systems, Orion, Mind Gear, XCELR8R, PR-2X, ADD Products, Attention Deficit Disorder, Sleep Aids, Accelerated Learning,  etc.

Tapes & CDs: 

MUSIC and SOUND for Peak Performance, Hypnosis, and Healing.

HPP, Hypno-Peripheral Processing, Psycho-Technology, Lloyd Glauberman, Super Learning Monroe Institute,  Hemi-Sync, ABR, Acoustic Brain Research, MetaMusic, Brain Sync, AlphaSonics, Iasos, NLP, Paraliminal, Learning Strategies, Synchronicity, Master Charles, Zygon, Master Charles, Dr. Jefferey Thompson, Applied Music and Sound Technologies, Joshua Leeds, Dr. Thomas Budzynski, Cyborium 2010, Prima Sounds, Utlimate Brain CDs, the Relaxation Company, TheraSound, Zane, etc.

MindBody Gear (MB Gear): 

Biofeedback, EEG, Sound Machines, Sound Generators, Binaural Signal Generators, BioEnergy Balancers, Chi Machines, QiGong Machines, Ozonators, Air and Water Purifiers, Electro Acupuncture, Colloidal Silver, Audio Strobe, Lighting, Magnets, Aromatherapy, Mind Drive, Life Energy Amplifiers, Flotation Tanks, Air and Water Ionizers, Detoxifiers, BioCircuits, Cayce Dry Cell, etc.

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