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Synchronicity Alpha Soundtracks

Peaceful, relaxed, yet focused!

Welcome To My World

One of our most popular soundtracks!

Om, The Reverberation of Source

OM is an ancient Sanskrit word symbolizing the vibration of Reality!

Om Mani Padme Hum

Means "The Supreme Reality (is the) lotus jewel of Oneness."

Om Namah Shivaya

Means "I bow to God."

Synchronicity Theta Soundtracks

The doorway to the subconscious, accessing ecstatic, creative states of consciousness!

Sounds of Source Series One to Four

The slowest, most continually meditative music for expansive Theta level meditation!

The Sounds of Source Five

A soothing combination of sampled voice and slow-moving ethereal sound.

Time Off, The 15 Minute Meditator

Use anywhere - at work, home, school or on the go!

The Synchronicity Guidebook

For anyone interested in establishing a regular meditation practice.

Song of the Ecstatic

Expressing the joyful truth of the Oneness!

Sextasy, The Art of Conscious Loving

Expand Sourceful love in the area of relationship and sexual expression.


Magical Stories That Change Lives - Effortlessly!

Hypnosis & NLP Processing

HPP Double and single Cassette Album titles!


A 30-day Listening Program!


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