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It's a fact:

Light and sound machines are powerful tools for activating the mind, achieving deep levels of concentration and relaxation, sparking your creativity and preparing for stress inducing events like public speaking, examinations and long trips. The Orion offers a unique blend of features in a surprisingly compact and easy-to-use package. 

The new Orion is the most advanced, yet least expensive light and sound system available in the world. This remarkable instrument uses precisely tuned patterns of gently flickering light, and soft pulsing sound to assist you in reaching an optimal state of relaxation.

Why is the Orion such a remarkable new product? Consider the following:

22 sessions ranging in length from ten minutes to one hour designed by noted German researcher Dr. Gerhard Bittner, Ph.D. are based upon his ten years of extensive, leading-edge research into the benefits of synchronized sound and light at the University of Essen.

Audiostrobe - Get a dazzling light and music show when you use our specially encoded compact discs. Travel to new dimensions through the magic of precisely synchronized light and sound.

Manual control of frequency - Customize your experience or experiment with special "window" (window is a distracting word) frequencies from 0 to 30 hz; (listing frequencies is also a distraction from the main point as is the focus and expand stuff, it means nothing) shift from "focus" to "expand" modes.

Manual control - Learn to quickly and easily create your own custom experience with just the push of a button.

Colorpulse - Add new dimensions to your music experience! Just plug your Orion into any music source with our special patch cord (included)

MicroPulse - Imagine seeing music come alive! The built-in microphone is designed to synchronize the lights to live events or recorded music played through your speakers.

Here's what comes with the package: Compact and Lightweight control unit, Specially designed electric LightFrame glasses, deluxe headphones, patch cord, easy-to-understand instruction manual, 2 bonus AudioStrobe CD's* *(US only), 1 Year Limited Warranty

The Orion Optimal Relaxation Instrument utilizes scientifically formulated frequencies of flickering light and sound to assist in quickly reaching states of deep relaxation. Designed to tune & sharpen your mind in just minutes a day, it helps to reduce stress, assist in sleep, overcome jet lag effects, accelerate learning and to reach states of peak performance. Portable and pocket-sized, Weighs just 100 grams, You can runs months of sessions on three AA alkaline batteries.

The flashing lights are designed to help to move you into deeply relaxed states in as little as 10 ? 20 minutes. This is accomplished by quieting the mind. It is excellent as an aid for:

                          Stress reduction
                          To assist in learning
                          Jet lag
                          Increasing creativity

                   Orion Quick Start Instructions
                   In Depth Session Descriptions and Usage Instructions
                   Your First Week with the Orion


Five user modes:

1.Pre-programmed Mode: The Orion includes 22 copyrighted relaxation, peak performance and learning sessions ranging in length from ten minutes to one hour. These were developed over a period of ten years of extensive research at the University of Essen, Germany by Dr. Gerhard Bittner, Ph.D. One of the world?s leading researchers in this field. Plus, there is a 23rd bonus session which operates as a random session. Every time it is run the session is different.

2.AudioStrobe Mode: Allows specially encoded CDs to be played through the Orion. AudioStrobe discs incorporate an inaudible signal which synchronizes the lights with the audio program on the disc. The result is these disks activates the lights in exciting and powerful patterns providing a multi-sensory experience.

3.Manual Mode: for customizing your own light patterns and frequencies. It is easily adjustable from 1 - 30 cycles per second (Hz). This provides the user with an unlimited number of options when running their own session.

4.ColorPulse Mode: Connect the Orion to any music source and create an exciting and unique multi-sensory kaleidoscopic light show.

5.External Microphone Mode: he built in microphone will pick up the beat of the music very much like the ColorPulse mode except it allows you to use the Orion without any cords. Great for using in front of the stereo or at live music events. Just hook it on to with the handy belt clip.

Included with each Orion control unit are the following accessories:

                          Comprehensive 30 page User?s Guide
                          Bright three digit LED display
                          High quality stereo neodymium headphones
                          Lightweight and comfortable LightFrames using advanced SuperBright amber lights
                          Built-in detachable belt clip
                          Patch Cord for attaching to a stereo or CD player
                          Uses 3 AA Batteries included
                          Carrying Case
                          2 Compact Disks
                              1.Introduction to Light and Sound Relaxation (US only)
                              2.Music Sampler

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