Light & Sound

Focus & Expand Stimulation Patterns





The concept of focus is that this type of stimulation tends to draw people's attention down the middle of their visual and auditory fields, while they watch "pillows" of intense colors blanket the visual field and listen to pulsed sounds run up ther center of the auditory field.

Expand stimulation tends to draw people's attention toward the periphery of their visual and auditory fields, while they watch a multitude of lines and geometric patterns while hearing far left and right pulsed tones.

The ability to select focus and expand stimulation as part of a session, is absolutely critical. Persons who appear somewhat "grounded" despite their level of anxiety, prefer to use focus stimulation (Figure 1). When subjected to expand stimulation, they complain that it is too "busy", making them feel nauseous and anxious.

Those who are rather "hyper" tend to prefer expand as the stimulation pattern (Figure 2). They complain that focus stimulation is rather boring and that they remain fully alert during the session, which left them to wonder if there was any benefit from using audio-visual entrainment.

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