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Focus & Expand Stim Patterns Part 2





The chioce of focus or expand depends, in part on how it produces disassociation in the user. Under stimulation won't dissociate the user, whereas over-dissociating the user can make him/her quickly uncomfortable.

Disassociation, like most methods of meditation, is an intended mind state when mental chatter and noise in the mind is "quiet." It is in this place of quiet that negative associations, conditioned responses and negative beliefs and attitudes in general are also silenced for a period of time. This temporary freedom from thoughts helps to bring about a return of somatic (body) activity of natural homeostasis, similar to that of an accomplished meditator. I call this body/mind state, disassociation and restabilization or DAR.

DAR can be produced by hypnotic induction, meditation or with BWE. The events that lead to DAR (in order) are:

    1. entrainment evoked confusion and disassociation.
    2. a complete quieting of all skeletal muscles, smooth muscles (arteries dilate and hands become warmer), thoughts, feelings, bracing habits and conditioned responses.
    3. conscious and subconscious associations to the new body/mind state are formed.
    4. restabilization in a homeostatic bodymind state.

As the stimulation complexity increases, so does its dissociative ability. The order of increased stimulation, producing increased dissociation is listed below;

     1.Focus stimuilation (with Tru-Vu or Harmonic Omniscreen Eyesets) 
     2.Expand stimulation (with the Tru-Vu Omniscreen Eyesets)
     3.Hemi-step stimulation (with the Tru-Vu Omniscreen Eyesets)
     4.Expand stimulation (with the Harmonic Omniscreen Eyeset)
     5.Hemi-step stimulation (with the Harmonic Omniscreen Eyeset)

Focus, Expand and Hemi-step stimulation from the Tru-Vu Omniscreen are preferred by most people. Expand and Hemi-step stimulation from the Harmonic Omniscreen is too intense and dissociating for most people, although there are those who really like and must have this stimulation to receive any benefit from the AVE experience.

Our book "The Rediscovery of Audio-Visual Entrainment" has more information on stimulation, dissociation and restabilization.

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