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The Next Generation in Light & Sound Technology Transforms your PC into the Ultimate Mind Machine

With Futuremind, you get a powerful, professional quality, advanced programmable L/S stimulation tool intended for exploring brain growth, mind expansion and altered states of consciousness. As the name suggests, it is the mental fitness dynamo for todays generation of Futurists and Cyberminds. Futuremind glasses produce amazingly bright, crisp, vivid visuals that will let you delve into beautiful new worlds of mesmerizing, dazzling, kaleidoscopic colors, shapes and patterns, while you will be surrounded by deep and rich sounding, immersive, ambient vibrations that you can allmost feel moving, shaking, pulsing and blasting alive!

Futuremind 1 PC-Peripheral Photic Stimulation Controller

Control Unit

Handheld, lightweight PC-peripheral photic stimulation controller

Features on/off slide switch, high precision brightness adjustment knob

Analog brightness control from barely visible to maximum intensity

Indicator LEDs on the device for power, left and right light channel

Connectors for glasses, PC-interface cable and power supply

Operation with internal (9V battery) or external power supply adapter


Lite frame sports sunglasses with dark tinted, mirrored plastic glasses

Comfortable fit through rubber nosepiece and unisize earpieces

Standard red LED glasses contain 6 (3 per eye) 5mm ultrabright, water clear, intensely red shining LEDs

Optional white LED glasses contain 4 (2 per eye) 5mm high brightness, water clear, cleanly white shining LEDs

Professionally mounted inside the frames with LEDs optimally positioned to the eyes, and rugged 1.5m (5 ft.) long glasses cable

Outstanding intensity delivers maximum photic entrainment effects


3m (10 ft.) long PC-interface cable with 25pin Sub-D adapter

Connects into any standard PC parallel (printer, LPT) port


Device is PC-controlled, portable usage is possible with Notebook/Laptop

Works as Ganzfeld device, when disconnected from the PC-interface

Optional two user operation possible with Futuremind 2nd user kit

9V DC power supply (Euro, UK or US standard, or optionally 9V alkaline battery) is included with the device

Superb quality product of German engineering, each device is tested and covered by 12 months warranty, parts and labour

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