Light & Sound

Future Mind Software Features





Easy installation and setup including soundcard autodetection

Configurable options and settings are preserved in an INI-file

Intuitive graphical user interface featuring windows, menus, dialog boxes, scrollbars, buttonbar, online-help, hotkeys

Comfortably Load, Save, Create, Edit, Test and Playback L/S programs

Graphical display of the L/S parameters (single ramp or whole program)

L/S Editors provide Clipboard Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Undo functions

Alternative command line interface to automatically load and playback L/S programs

Playback can start at any ramp beginning, Pause and Hold functions

Joystick button control for remote L/S program Start/Stop, Pause/Resume functions and to adjust Main Volume Up/Down

L/S programs are conveniently stored in the compact .LSD format

L/S programs can store long title, author info and descriptive comments

Includes comprehensive, readily printable on-line documentation

Comes with 19 breathtaking, mind-boggling, professional L/S programs (see program descriptions, library will be upgraded to 25 sessions, plus users can download extra programs and a session converter from our support area)

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