Light & Sound

Future Mind L/S Programming Specs





Virtually no limits to the number, length and complexity of L/S programs

Upto 255 ramps per program, ramp duration from 1 second to 1 hour, program duration upto 24 hours, scalable to any lenght in minutes

Configurable Timer Resolution (1 - 8 KHz), Countdown Timer (0 - 255 sec)

High precision pulse rate (frequency: 0.10 - 40.00 Hz), pulse width (duty cycle: 0 - 100 %), phaseshift (0 - 99 %), pitch frequency (26.0 - 6200.0 Hz) and voice volume (0 - 99 %) control, independently programmable and smoothly, concurrently rampable for 2 light channels and 8 sound voices

Rampmodes: Synchronous, Alternating, Phase-Shifted and Independent

Programmable Speaker Output: voices can sound to the right, left, none or both speakers

Programmable Phase: voices can be pulsed in phase with the right, left, none or both light channels

Sound voices can generate pulsed or continous tones in any combination, enabling advanced stimulation patterns, e.g. quadruple binaural beats

General MIDI compatible FM instrument patchbank with 130 waveforms, use realistic sounding instruments with powerful harmonics combined with artificial sounds, e.g. White Noise, Sinewave, Triangular Wave

Soundcard mixer programming for Main, FM Synth, CD Audio, Line In and Microphone volume levels

Soundcard special effects support for Loudness, 3D Stereo Enhance, Reverb and Chorus

Can combine (mix) photosonic stimulation with Audio-CD playback thru PC CD-ROM drive, plus with any external audio signal (e.g. Tape or CD player with psycho-acoustic music) by connecting the audio source to the Line In jack of the soundcard

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