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Relaxation, meditation, better learning, peak performance and sleep can all be aided by gentle light and sound stimulation. Stress has many effects, managing and relieving it has many benefits. Can Light & Sound relaxation help you? Please join us and make an informed decision yourself.

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Welcome to the Photosonix part of the MindCare, Mind Body Care site. We make hi-tech light and sound relaxation devices using the new science of neurotechnology. Whether you are a long time follower of neurotechnology or are just discovering its powerful possibilities, we have something for you here.

Using Light and Sound for relaxation, meditation, learning, peak performance and sleep may make a difference in your busy and stressful life . After browsing through the Photosonix part of the MindCare/MindBodyCare website, we sincerely hope that you agree. We have information about the details of light & sound - how it works, how it may be beneficial to you, and how experimental it is.

Light/sound synthesizers have made it easier for many to reach that elusive few minutes of calm. Our devices work for most that try them. But they are not for everyone, and they do not perform miracles.

We strive to make the best devices in the industry. Photosonix has one of the most comprehensive product lines available. We work with professionals and incorporate their experience and ideas into our various models. This is because we at PHOTOSONIX believe that there is no one light sound device that fits all. We believe you should have the choice to experiment and find what works best for you. We offer you guidelines and choices.

Our goal is to relax, entertain, inform, and of course, sell you our products. Which, we may add, are the best in the industry. Photosonix products are the only ones offering Dual binaural beats. It does make a difference. For more information on Dual binaural beats, see Dual binaural beats in the Relaxation Terms Glossary.

If Light/Sound Relaxation stimulation are new to you, see our Light/Sound Relaxation Info for a quick introduction.

What to read:

If you are new to Light/Sound Relaxation stimulation, we recommend the Mind States book by Michael Landgraf. It is an easy-to-understand guide for beginners. The information contained in this book is based on learning/relaxation programs in the educational, business, medical and law enforcement communities. Learn how to use light and sound stimulation safely and effectively. Learn how to achieve gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta states of consciousness through light, sound (and tactile) stimulation. The book includes information on choosing which light/sound instrument would best suit your needs, maximizing your sessions experience and contains a 30 day program to help start your personal journey into mind expansion and relaxation.

Mind States ($12.00+SH) is listed on our order form.

For the more experienced practitioner, you may also want to see the Awakened Mind book by James Mann. The book is a wealth of information on the use of Dual binaural beats in designing light/sound sessions.

Awakened Mind ($45.00+SH) is listed on our order form.
Confused about some of the terminalogy? Specific information about light and sound relaxation terminology can be found in the Light and Sound Relaxation Terms Glossary.

For short overview on the various models from our product line, see Photosonix Relaxation Products information. For more specific information about a certain model (like features, lists of the sessions, pictures and acessories), please click on the individual model icons.

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May Relaxation, Meditation, Peak Performance, Learning and Sleep be with you...

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