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The most versatile relaxation tool Photosonix Light and Sound has to offer. Simply our best. With 50 built-in easy to use relaxation sessions and a variety of features absent in most other mind machines or relaxation devices. Two user ready for ultimate relaxation by two people at the same time. Includes all cables necessary to hook up to an external sound source or a computer. Free Librarian software with 15 Fun&Games sessions for downloading is included (there is room for 25 more relaxation sessions in the Nova Pro). Other libraries with relaxation, meditation, learning or sleep sessions are available. The Nova Pro has a built in rechargeable battery and comes with an AC adapter. It is packaged in a convenient carrying case. Programmable, downloadable, and straightout unbeatable on quality and features.

Includes the most features light and sound relaxation can offer. Programmable, downloadable, two user ready. 50 relaxation, meditation, learning, peak performance and sleep session and room for 25 more. Also includes 15 free fun&games sessions for downloading, Light/Sound Librarian software and a computer cable.

Designed with upgrade capabilities to grow and change with Light/Sound Relaxation features, developments......and you.

Top of the line, professional quality, the Nova Pro has the most features and offers many possibilities for growth. With 50 easy to use relaxation, meditation, learning, peak performance and sleep sessions, room for downloading 25 more, and variety of options......the Nova Pro is not only the best system for today...but also a system that will not be outdated tomorrow.

Nova Pro features:

50 Built-in sessions (See the Nova Pro Relaxation Session Library)
25 User created or downloaded sessions
Ports for two simultaneous users (Headphone/light frames combination available at special price for second user)
Eight tone selections: - Pulsed: tone, surf, tone/surf, chord - Beats: binaural, binaural with metronome, - binaural with surf, dual binaural beats
Frequency control from 1 to 42 Hertz
Four octaves of pitch control using the just scale
Sine wave sound with pitch ramping
Six phase selections
Gentle on/gentle off
Automatic shutdown with user disable
Personal Preference Program setting capability
Control of session run time, from 1/2 nominal to 2x nominal, time remaining display.
Full user programming capability from the keyboard with editing
Fill in Blanks programming.
Full user programming capability from a PC computer.
Rechargeable battery with constant voltage charging circuit - ok to leave AC adapter plugged in.
Serial RS232 port included, with computer cable,
Includes Fun&Games session library and free Light/Sound Librarian software disc.

What you get: System unit, Red light frames, Pro headphones, AC adapter, computer cable, Fun&Games sessions on disc with free Light/Sound Librarian software, stereo cord, manual, plastic carrying case.

The Nova Pro is also available with Green Light glassess, LumaSoft White glasses and TruWhite glasses. Please see for choices.

Software and additional sessions

The following titles of additional sessions are available on disc for downloading:

Light/Sound designer software ($39.00+SH):  Windows (3.1, 95 and NT) PC based session design software. Light and Sound Designer makes session design easy. It includes the 50 Nova Pro and the 30 Muse# sessions. The session parameters can be seen displayed on the screen and adjusted with the touch of a button. Easy to use and change areas of sessions you enjoy, eliminate areas that don't work for you. Or design new sessions from scratch. The "new and improved" personal sessions can then be downloaded into your Nova Pro.

Please note that with L/S Designer you can view/change sessions and download them as new into your system, but not change the built-in sessions.

Additional session libraries:

All come on a 3.5 inch floppy

Fun&Games ($29.00+SH): 15 additional very enertaining sessions with free Librarian available for downloading. Librarian helps you choose block or specific sessions for downloading and allows you to print out the names of the sessions you currently have downloaded.  Fun&Games is included free of charge with a purchase of the Nova Pro and the Muse#.

Relaxation/Sleep ($29.00+SH): 15 Relaxation and sleep oriented sessions with free Librarian software included.

Meditation/Creativity ($29.00+SH): 15 Meditation and creativity oriented sessions with free Librarian software included.

Learning ($29.00+SH): 15 Learning oriented sessions with free Librarian software included.  Learning  is included free of charge with a purchase of the Pro Tutor Pro.

Muse# sessions disc ($39.00+SH): Includes the 30 sessions from the Muse# and free Librarian software. For Nova Pro and Pro Tutor owners.

Halcyon sessions disc ($39.00+SH): Includes the 30 sessions from the Halcyon and free Librarian software. For Nova Pro, Muse# and Pro Tutor owners.

Short mood change sessions ($29.00+SH): Includes the 10 short mood sessions from the Muse# and the Halcyon and free Librarian software. For Nova Pro owners.

Last but not least, Nova Pro, Muse# and Pro Tutor owners can download sessions from the internet to your hard disc. Any Photosonix disc with Librarian or Light/Sound Designer software can than download to your Light/Sound system.

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