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A less expensive relaxation alternative, with all the Nova Pro features except the PC download and fill-in-blanks programming capabilities. With 50 built in relaxation sessions and room for 25 more, two user ready. Also programmable (but not downloadable) and also packaged in a convenient carrying case. For more details and list of Galaxy Pro relaxation, meditation, learning, creativity, peak performance or sleep sessions see GALAXY Pro.

The best relaxation features light and sound relaxation has to offer, minus the computer download. Great quality and two user ready with 50 relaxation, meditation, peak performance, learning and sleep sessions, and room for 25 more.

If you are interested in a great quality programmable system but do not want the computer download capability, the Galaxy Pro is the system for you. The same size, shape and 50 sessions as the Nova Pro, the same room for programming 25 more sessions, without the program download and fill-in-blanks programming capabilities, the Galaxy Pro is the less expensive alternative with a lot of features. We are commited to your satisfaction and offer 30 day money back guarantee, 1 year warranty.

Galaxy Pro features:

50 Built-in sessions (See the Galaxy Pro Relaxation Session Library)
25 User created sessions (you can program yourself)
Ports for two simultaneous users (Headphone/light frames combination available at special price for second user)
Eight tone selections: - Pulsed: tone, surf, tone/surf, chord - Beats: binaural, binaural with metronome, - binaural with surf, dual binaural beats
Frequency control from 1 to 42 Hertz
Four octaves of pitch control, just scale
Sine wave sound with pitch ramping
Six phase selections
Gentle on/gentle off
Automatic shutdown with user disable
Personal Preference Program Control of program runtime, from 1/2 nominal to 2x nominal, and session time remaining display
Full user programming capability from the keyboard with editing
Rechargeable battery with constant voltage charging circuit - ok to leave AC adapter plugged in

What you get: System unit, light frames, Pro headphones, AC adapter, stereo cord, manual, in plastic carrying case with a fitted protective foam insert.

The Galaxy Pro is also available with Green Light glasses and TruWhite glasses.

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