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The 515 is a dual binaural beats sound only system. It can be listened to individually via headphones or be connected to speakers and run as background sound. Although the speaker function is not new (most Light & Sound systems have this feature) what the 515 does best is run the sessions indefinitely. This makes setting up the speakers for your relaxation time worth the "time" (i.e. you didn't do it for only one hour of listening).

About the 515

The 515 helps enjoy the effects of sound neurotechnology while going about your normal daily routine. The system for those not wanting to be confined to sitting down during a session. Great sound only dual binaural beats programs. Connect to a sound system or powered speakers and create a mood for the room enjoy the benefits of relaxation, sleep, learning, energizing or visualization sessions without the inconvenience of headphones and goggles. The programs can be played as short session or set to run for an indefinite time. Tested and currently in use in hospitals, police stations, classrooms and retail stores.

Program Library Guide

1. Energy Booster

Total program time: 36 minutes.

The lively frequencies are designed as an "Energy Booster" for Increasing motivation or overcoming fatigue. Audio frequencies range from 40-216Hz creating dual binaural offset frequencies in the 13-30 Hz range. Suggested for listening with fast-paced or upbeat music


Total program time: 1 hour.

Designed to lead into calm, relaxed wakefulness. Audio frequencies from 56-28OHz creating dual binaural offset frequencies that slowly ramp through the 8-12Hz range, For use as a "Quick break" or "Cat-Nap" listen to the first 20 minutes. For deeper relaxation, listen to the complete 1 hour program. Soft, smoothing music can intensify the effect.

3. Learn

Total program time: 25 minutes.

Designed as an educational tool to assist assimilation of new information more quickly and effectively. The program can be run softly in the background in a classroom situation while the lecturer is presenting new material. For home use, the program can be run with headphones or through stereo system while reading, studying or using a computer. Also recommended for use with self Improvement tapes. Tape audio frequencies range from 373-432Hz, creating dual binaural offset Frequencies in the 3-7 Hertz range.


Total program time 30 minutes.

Designed to enhance imagery and creativity. Audio frequencies from 220-506Hz, create dual binaural offset frequencies that slowly progress through the 4-13 Hertz range. Effective during classroom activities, homework assignments and meditation exercises. Accompanying music is optional.


Total program time: 43 minutes.

Designed to help the listener fall asleep. Audio frequencies from 196-220Hz creates dual binaural offset frequencies in the 1-2Hz range. Use as a sleep trainer.

All sessions are:

Dual binaural beats.
Sine wave sound.
Three octaves of pitch control.
Frequency from 1 to 42 hertz.
10 Excellent preset sessions: 5 that terminate 5 that repeat indefinitely.

Special Features:

Sessions can be played indefinitely.

What you get:

515, Headphones, Rechargeable battery,
Constant voltage charging circuit., AC adapter
Stereo patch card, Stereo to dual RSA card & Manual.


The programs in your 515 were created by Michael J.Landgraf and Christopher C. Oliver. Michael Landgraf is a NeuroLearning technician with several years of experience in improving methods of teaching for children with or without learning disabilities. He has used the 515 as a relaxation and therapeutic device in various studies with both children and adults.

Christopher Oliver is a designer and composer of music programs for relaxation purposes.

Used generally as a background sound stimulation device in waiting rooms and classrooms, the 515 is a great tool for near your bed that can play a session all night.

The 515 is a brainchild of Michael Landgraf, the author of the Mind States book, a book on basic light and sound information. What made the 515 possible is a combination of Photosonix technology and Michael's many years of experience working with professionals and collecting their input on specific needs. For areas where Light stimulation and wearing headphones all day long is not appropriate (and/or cumbersome) the 515 is the best choice.

Do not be fooled by it's simplicity and the price; dual binaural sound stimulation is both effective and fun. The added bonus the 515 provides: you can go about doing other tasks while listening to the sessions. Although you can connect the sound output into speakers and listen to any session as background only sound with most models of light and sound stimulation devices, the 515 is the only device that will run the session indefinitely.

Can be used in 2 modes:

Mode 1: The sessions can be played in the designated length of time.

Mode 2: The same sessions can be played indefinitely.

515 features:

5 Built-in sessions; Energize, Relax, Learn, Visualize, Sleep, featuring dual binaural beats with sine wave sound only and pitch ramping.
Excellent sine wave sound with pitch ramping
Rechargeable battery

What you get: System unit, Rechargeable batteries, Light headphones, AC adapter, stereo to RCA cord, manual.

Shipping cost: UPS Ground $7.00, 2nd Day $14.00, overnight $28.00 (in the USA).
Air mail outside the USA: Europe $25.00, South America $30.00, Australia, New Zealand, the Far East and Russia $35.00. Express mail add $10.00.

                                      60 day money back guarantee, 1 year warranty.

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