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The Aura Cushion is a seat-back vibration cushion that responds to music or sounds from a light/sound system. Adds the tactile dimension to a light/sound session.

The Aura Cushion is an easy plug and play sound vibration device unlike any other you have seen. Works with stereo, CD players, PC, video games and light/sound relaxation devices. The Aura Cushion translates sound into body-pulsing vibrations, a very enjoyable gentle massage that heightens any audio visual experience.

A great way to bring your music to life!

Unique, versatile and a lot of fun!

Enjoy while reclining or seated!

Home theater, TV, video games and computer multimedia titles take on a whole new dimension with the Aura Cushion. Don't be confused by motor-driven imitators! This is fully synchronized interactive sound cushion. Cheap imitators simply vibrate, they have no interactive features to make the music come alive.

What does the Aura Cushion do?

The Aura Cushion converts sound signals to pulsing vibrations that your entire body can sense. It reproduces the entire sound spectrum, emphasizing the bass, thus reaching the resonant frequencies of all parts of your body.

How is it unique?

You have seen motor-driven vibration cushions that produce a single frequency. The ability to reproduce a broad range of frequencies and to respond to any music source puts the Aura Cushion in a totally different class. Competing sound cushions cost $395 to $850, and do not include the amplifier. Patented vibro-acoustic technology from Aura Systems makes the Aura Cushions at $99 unique in both value and performance.

How does it work?

Hidden in the Aura Cushion is a specially designed vibration transducer (not a loudspeaker) that converts sound signals to subtle body stimulation. A powerful amplifier accepts headphone-level signals from any music source and drives the cushion with body-stirring energy. Connect it to your stereo system, tape cassette or CD player! Plug it into your PC's sound system! Best of all, use it with your Photosonix Light/sound system!

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After only 20 minutes on the Aura Cushion we realized this is no ordinary vibration device. The Aura Cushion changes sounds into body pulsing rhythms that you can feel throughout your body. An extraordinary experience, we felt it had to be passed on to relaxation and neurotechnology enthusiasts. The cushion produces the full frequency range your body can sense in a completely different way from the motor driven devices you have seen before. Very effective with music alone, even more so with a light/sound machine. We were impressed, I believe you will be too. And if you have been waiting for the next breakthrough before buying a light/sound and/or vibration relaxation device, we believe this is your opportunity. With music or with a light/sound machine, the cushion is the best tactile device we have experienced in enhancing relaxation.

All of us at Photosonix

The Aura Cushion comes with:

A Powerful Amplifier, 110v AC Adapter (Sorry, 220v AC Adapter is unavailable) and All Interconnecting Cables

*We have been advised by customers in 220V AC countries that the Cushion works with the 110 AC plugged into a transformer.


$12.00 UPS Regular (USA Only)

$24.00 UPS 2nd Day (USA Only)

$48.00 UPS Overnight (USA Only)

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