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NOW AVAILABLE WITH WHITE LIGHT GLASSES AND GANZFELD FUNCTION! (Add $20 if selected at time of system purchase)

NOW AVAILABLE WITH TurboSonix CD FUNCTION! (Add $50 if selected at time of system purchase)

FLASH!! All Mind Gear Light & Sound Systems are covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Mind Gear will repair or replace any L/S system at no charge (except for shipping) at any time. NOTE: This applies only to the original registered owner and does not include damage caused by negligence or abuse.

 50 preset sessions
 Binaural sounds
 User friendly
 Custom carrying case
 Two user ready


 50 preset programs with adjustable run-times: 10 to 120 mins.
 "AutoPilot" generates new programs each time.
 Select from Super Beta, Beta, Alpha, Theta, or Delta ranges and experience a new program. If you
 wish, save it and replay it again later.
 4 different sound possibilities including Binaural Beats (Hemi-sound). You can use them to create
 a relaxing background while working or studying by connecting to your stereo system.
 6 modes of synchronizing the lights with the sounds.
 Pitch control by musical notes to harmonize with music.
 Superbright glasses with 4 LEDs per eye: choice of red, green, yellow, amber, and combinations
 r-g, or r-g-y-a.
 White light glasses now available ($50).
 3 digit display of program data and frequency (1 to 40 Hz).
 Built-in rechargeable battery (charger included).
 Manual control (to experiment with frequencies and modes)
 Pause control (keep a program running at a desired point)
 Upgradeable software via a user-replaceble microchip
 Pulse width control (sharpness of light pulses from 10 to 90%)
 Auto shut-off (unit powers down 15 minutes after program ends)
 External stereo input for tape or CD player
 Quality stereo headphones
 Output jacks for 2 users with extra headphones and glasses
 Soft on and off for gentle starts and finishes.
 User-programmable (create and store 10 custom sessions)
 Personal preference settings for starting levels of volume, brightness, tone. No need to reprogram
 each time because the PR2X learns what you like!
 Displays the time remaining in a session.
 Blend feature for smooth transitions between phase changes (eg, when going from simultaneous
 lights & sounds to left/right)

 Extra glasses: $35

 Extra headphones: $25


 Dimensions: 9.5" x 4" x 1"
 Weight: 2 lbs 4 oz.
 Power Supply: Built-in rechargeable battery
 AC Adapter: 6 vdc 600mA tip: center +
 Glasses have 4 LEDs per eye.

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