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The SLX is a basic L/S system with 16 built-in programs for those who may not want all the programming features of the PR2X or XCELR8R II. But don't mistake the SLX for any of the other L/S units in this price range. The SLX allows you to run the programs for any length of time from 5 to 90 minutes. The SLX also has a manual mode in which you can simply select a pulse repetition rate and stay there or move up or down from 1 to 40 cycles per second. Like all our L/S systems, the SLX has a sturdy metal case and can plug into the wall or operate with rechargeable batteries.

Modeled after our PR2X system, the SLX has many of the features found in our high end machine without the higher cost. This system includes red colored Lights, a Binaural Signal Generator, 2-Digit Display, optional Internal Rechargeable Battery, Pause Function and Complete Manual Control.

The features incorporated into the SLX System include:

 16 built-in pre-programmed sessions
 Adjustable Pitch
 Super bright Red L.E.D. glasses
 Ability to adjust the time of any program.
 Frequency control from 1.0 Hz to 40.0 Hz
 Stereo input jack for external tape player
 Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz
 Binaural Sound
 2-digit display for frequency and program selection information
 Pause Function
 Complete manual control (select a pulse repetition rate without running a program and move up or
 down as desired)
 Recharging circuit for optional Ni-Cad batteries
 Four Stimulation Modalities (phasing of the lights and sounds for different effects)
 Stereo headphones
 "Gentle On & Off" Feature
 Adaptable to future software upgrades
 Unique "Blending Feature"
 2 selectable tones including Binaural Sounds

The SLX System comes complete with everything you need including:

 1 pair of Red LED glasses
 1 pair of stereo headphones
 1 stereo patch cord.

 Options include an internal rechargeable battery along with an A/C power adapter. We can now supply a brief case style carrying case for the SLX. Add $15.

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