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NEW! TurboSonix Turns Your CD Player into a Light & Sound System!

Imagine an Audio CD so powerful that it can lead you into Deep Relaxation, Accelerated Learning,
Instant Meditation, and Creative Inspiration.

Imagine that these CDs can make you see fantastic images with your eyes closed!

Imagine that you can have 3 of these amazing new CDs, LED glasses, and TurboSonix Decoder
for less than $100!

The TurboSonix CD Light and Sound System from Mind Gear consists of a small battery-powered Decoder unit that will plug into any CD player, LED colored glasses, and 3 Strobe-Encoded CDs with over 3 hours of "Turbocharged" Audio tracks including both relaxation and energizing programs.

To enjoy your very own stimulating sound and light experience, simply plug in the small battery-charged TurboSonix Decoder to your CD player, put on your LED glasses and headphones, and select a TurboSonix CD to match your goals.

The TurboSonix System has a suggested retail price of $124.95. For a limited time, we want to offer you a special introductory price of ONLY $99.95! And that includes 3 Mind Gear CDs!

The TurboSonix CD feature is also available in our other Light and Sound systems.

You can now order the PR-2X or XCELR8R in PLUS versions that incorporate the TurboSonix function. When you play one of our specially-designed audio CDs through either of our PLUS units, you will experience whole new worlds of multimedia light & sound programming. Please be sure to ask about the TurboSonix option when you order.

Upgrade your PR-2X or XCELR8R II

If you already have the Mind Gear PR-2X or XCELR8R II, a special chip can be installed in your Mind Gear unit to turn it into a TurboSonix Decoder when you wish to use it with these CDs.

Order the TurboSonix Upgrade chip for only $100

Life-changing CDs Work with or without TurboSonix Decoder

 These powerful new CDs are dual-purpose. Use them with the TurboSonix Decoder and you'll
 enjoy all the benefits of a mind-expanding sound and light experience.

 However, even if you don't use the TurboSonix Decoder, you can still benefit from these
 wonderful CDs. Play them through any Compact Disc audio system as regular relaxation sessions
 or as background while you work or go about your daily activities -- just like any other
 self-improvement tape or CD. You'll have the quality of fidelity-rich self-motivational CDs, while
 getting all the life-changing benefits of the programs you select.

 And when you want a relaxing, refreshing break with accelerated learning, put on the TurboSonix
 glasses and headphones, sit back, and close your eyes. Before you know it, you'll be transported
 into a magical, timeless state with no worries or stress. It feels like a great dream where your mind
 floats free and easy in an enriched learning environment.

 When the session is over, you'll return feeling renewed and invigorated, ready to meet any
 challenge with confidence and creative energy and ideas. You'll have given your body the deep rest
 it needs while reprogramming your subconscious mind to eliminate the negatives and accentuate
 the positives needed for lasting success and happiness.

 Mind Gear Inc. has a number of CDs in production to offer a full range of programs for the
 TurboSonix system.

 Get $60 worth of FREE BONUSES when you order the TurboSonix!

 These 3 CDs accompany the TurboSonix to give users an introduction to the power, potential, and
 fun of light and sound brain wave synchronization:

 The Mind Gear TurboSonix 3 CD Set

 Special Introductory offer $29.95 Save over $20 ! (We include these 3 CDs with the TurboSonix

 Vol. I Moodscapes $16.95

 Nature sounds combined with binaural signals and lights.

 Track 1 Focused Energy (15:00) Birds and the sounds of nature waking up.
 Track 2 Relax & Create (15:00) A gentle rainstorm to get your juices flowing..
 Track 3 Easy Meditation (15:00) Let the waves wash your mind.
 Track 4 Sound Sleep (25:00) Crickets chirping near a cozy cabin in the woods.

 Vol. II Wake Up Brain! $16.95

 Rhythmic music and lights to get you in gear!

 Track 1 Tropicalights (30:00)
 Track 2 Rise & Shine (10:21)
 Track 3 Coffee Break (16:18)

 Light and Sound sessions to get you focused, sharp, alert, ready to concentrate, learn, perform, and
 produce. Great for those times when you feel fuzzy and down. These sessions are designed for
 high-performance training for athletes, students, executives, and anyone who wants to have the
 winning edge.

 Vol. III Relax & Recharge $16.95

 Soothing, hypnotic music and lights take you away.

 Track 1 Meditation/ Deep Relaxation (30:00)
 Track 2 Creativity Booster (15:00)
 Track 3 Power Nap/Quick Meditation (15:00)

 Light and Sound sessions designed to help you get out of the rat race for a while and find that
 quiet, serene place inside where you can experience deep relaxation and peace. Excellent for power
 naps, meditation, creative inspiration, centering and rejuvenation. When you come back from one
 of these sessions, you'll feel ready for any situation. You'll be amazed at how problems have
 transformed into opportunities and how you now have the energy and creativity to meet all of life's

 10 New CDs Emerge from Collaborative Effort Between Gateways and Mind Gear

 The growing TurboSonix library includes a series of exciting new self-improvement CD titles,
 including for the first time ever on CD: visualizations, subliminals and mind talk tapes by Lee
 Pulos, Jonathan Parker and Richard Shane. These TurboSonix CDs are preprogrammed on a
 special track encoded with a matrix of digitized lights and super-sonic sounds.

 THE TURBOSONIX CD SYSTEM:Breaking the Light & Sound Barrier

 Peak Performance, Stress Reduction, Accelerated Learning, Instant Meditation, Inner Space
 Entertainment... can all be yours as soon as you put one of the special TurboSonix CDs in your
 CD player!

 More Effective and Easier to Use than Ever

 The TurboSonix takes all the hassle out of using mind machines. No more complicated setup
 routines and programming. No more trying to coordinate several devices and tangled cables. Just
 put the TurboSonix CD into your player, plug in the small adapter and start your session. It's that

 Find out why TurboSonix users throughout the world call it their secret weapon in the quest for
 success! Join them in the ultimate mind adventure. Zap stress and open your learning centers to
 become more centered, creative, focused, and successful.

 Plug your mind into the TurboSonix. Whole-brain synchronization and personal growth has never
 been this easy and enjoyable!

 The combination of pulsing lights and sounds with music, subliminals, and voices creates a
 powerful state of whole-brain synchronization, deep relaxation, and integration. Anyone who
 wants to unlock their amazing potential for self-improvement will love this easy-to-use system.

 This breakthrough technology may be the most powerful way to develop your full potential. The
 TurboSonix uses digitized patterns of lights, super-sonic sounds, and unique learning matrix
 algorithms to increase the power of self-improvement programs dramatically!You will notice
 results faster than ever before while you feel an immediate improvement in stress-reduction and

 Enter the Learning Zone in Seconds.

 Now you can get into the Zone whenever you choose by putting on the TurboSonix LED glasses
 and stereo headphones. The powerful combination of flickers and beats will move your frazzled
 psyche to a balanced, relaxed, creative state where you will quickly unwind and recharge. In this
 optimum learning mind-state, your receptive brain will soak up positive messages. Thousands of
 mind machine users have found amazing increases in the effectiveness of self-improvement
 material when combined with the light matrix patterns.

 The Gateways/Mind Gear CDs

 Develop High Self-Esteem & a Winning Self-Image by Jonathan Parker, Ph.D.

 2 CD SET Item # CDT 201 $39.95

 Become a winner for life as you guide your subconscious mind to create the self-image that will
 enable you to become the person you've always wanted to be.

 4 programs on 2 CDs - Includes: 2 visualization sessions, Mind Talk (audible affirmations) and
 subliminal program

 Attracting Success & Prosperity by Jonathan Parker, Ph.D.

 2 CD SET Item # CDT 202 $39.95

 Master the greatest money-making resource youªll ever have -- your own mind -- and program it
 for abundance and success.

 4 programs on 2 CDs: Includes 2 guided relaxation/ visualization sessions, Mind Talk (audible
 positive affirmations) and subliminal program

 Deep Trance Identification by Lee Pulos, Ph.D.

 2 Programs on 1 CD - Item # CDT 103 $24.95

 Think of someone you really admire...of talents you wish were your own...or experiences you
 would like to have. In these 2 double-induction guided visualization and subliminal programs, you
 pick your role model, tune into the particular characteristics you would like to acquire and watch
 your own life or performance improve dramatically.

 Overcome Procrastination by Jonathan Parker, Ph.D.

 2 Programs on 1 CD - Item # CDT 104 $19.95

 Develop the habit of fast action that brings rewards. Kick the "I'll do it later" attitude forever!
 Includes visualization and Mind Talk (audible affirmations)

 Tranquility, Serenity & Relaxation narrated by Timothy Verner

 2 CD SET Item # CDT 105 $19.95

 This journey for the mind will enrich, enliven, awaken and stimulate all your senses, as you take a
 virtual reality vacation to a peaceful and distant seashore. Partake of the wonder in this unique
 sensory experience. Includes Guided Visualization and Subliminal programs

 Peaceful Sleep by Richard Shane, Ph.D.

 2 CD SET Item # CDT 206 $33.95

 3 programs on 2 CDs - Includes a guided relaxation session by Dr. Richard Shane to induce deep,
 restful sleep; and two subliminal sleep programs, one in beautiful Meditation Music and the other
 in soothing ocean sound. Ultra-positive affirmations help you relax, let go and find peaceful sleep.
 Now you can experience a good night's sleep and awaken each morning with a positive attitude,
 full of confidence and enthusiasm about life!

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