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Special Application Sessions





Special Application Sessions

The Special Application Sessions were designed by professionals exclusively for the DAVID Paradise XL, Paradise and Paradise Jr. Special Application Sessions include access codes, audio cassette tape, manual and in some cases a video cassette. Special Application Packages focus directly on specific applications and provide an expansion above and beyond that of the standard sessions already offered with the DAVID Paradise, Paradise Jr. and Paradise XL.

       Mind State Sampler - Dave Siever
       Wave Pattern Breathing - Dr. Frank Young
       Rhythmic Relaxation/Slowing the Body Down - Dave Siever
       Relax into Lucid Dreaming - Dr. Frank Young
       Inner Workout - Dave Siever
       In Psych for Sports - Dr. Frank Young
       Golf Performance and Pre-game Relaxer - Tom Hawes and Dave Siever
       Creativity and Mind States - Dr. Frank Young
       Core Relaxation - Dr. Dominic Brucato and Dr. Juan Abascal
       Focus and Attention - Dave Siever
       Building Self-Esteem - Dr. Frank Young

We also have new sessions to treat ADD, brain injury and fibromyalgia.

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Mind State Sampler Special Application Session
by Dave Siever

This session includes a concise and clear description of the history and theory of brainwave entrainment. While using your DAVID and playing side 2 of the cassette included, you can experience a hands-on sample of the various brainwave frequencies, including the beta, alpha, theta and delta waves. A demonstration of the "expand" and "Hemistep" stimulation patterns are also included.

Wave Pattern Breathing Special Application Session
by Dr. Frank Young, Ph.D.

This session features a tape of several breathing and focusing exercises designed to lower stress, combat anxiety and hyperventilation and relieve the respiratory and digestive systems of stress-related patterns of dysfunction. The sound of stereo ocean waves enhances the relaxing effect of the hypnotic script.

Rhythmic Relaxation/Slow the Body Down Special Application Session
by Dave Siever

Slower heart rate, breathing and brainwave patterns are associated with deep relaxation. Using this special application session can slow down these physiological functions. This session uses the same relaxation technique used in some hospitals. The tape plays gentle music with a definite rhythm and beat which graduallly slows down. Meanwhile the rate (Hz) of the lights and tones are also slowing down. The user's heartbeat and other physiological functions will slow down with the music and the lights and tones. At the beginning of the session, the rhythm starts at 80 beats per minute and gradually slows to 50 beats per minute. By slowing the body's physiological functioning down, the user also experiences deep relaxation.

Relax into Lucid Dreaming Special Application Session
by Dr. Frank Young, Ph.D.

This session guides the user through the key skills of lucidity so that dreams become more vivid in the conscious mind at a higher level of awareness. This enhances personal development and aids in the exploration of the world of dreams. This session is also very effective in helping with sleep disorders such as insomnia. The tape included presents the theory of lucid dreaming and guides the user through a light and sound lucid dreaming session.

Inner Workout Special Application Session
by Dave Siever

This session is made up of seven distinct segments, each one "tuned" to a chakra frequency starting from the base chakra and rising to the crown chakra. Use the session in-between practising the exercises shown on the "Inner Workout with Shirley MacLaine" video included.

This Special Application Package includes the access codes, video and cassette tape.

In Psych for Sports Special Application Session
by Dr. Frank Young, Ph.D.

The tape for this session includes the theory of how imagery guides our behaviour and presents the "ring on a string" imagery demonstration. It then guides the user in construcing a detailed and vivid mental visualization model, using as many senses as possible to increase the depth of neural imprinting of the Ideal Perfromance State (IPS). It also includes imaging the competition site, settling down your activation level with focusing tension, release breathing imagery exercises, problem solving, dealing wtih difficulties, such as errors in execution, bad calls by the referee, or a scoring run by the opposing player or team. Practice how to adjust and refocus with renewed dedication.

This Special Application Package includes the access codes and cassette tape.

Golf Performance and Pre-Game Relaxer Special Application Session
by Tom Hawes and Dave Siever

A common mistake by most golfers is to think too much or over analyze shots. Now you can learn to formulate your golf shots in an intuitive rather than analytical manner. The ability to let go and release excess tension in the mind and body is the major cause of poor golf swings and bad golf shots. This session was designed from the program developed by sport psychologist Tom Hawes and hailed by Rocky Thompson and several other PGA golfers as the "Mental T-Off" which gave them the edge.

This Special Application Package includes the access codes, a video tape and cassette tape.

Creativity and Mind States Special Application Session
by Dr. Frank Young, Ph.D.

This special application session is a self-guided program as a pathway to increased personal effectiveness and fulfillment and to access the vast untapped creative potential of the human brain. This two-session creativity program demonstrates the various mind states and provides a wonderful guided imagery session featuring the symbols that come into consciousness while in a theta state. Also included in the package is a booklet outlining a model of creative development using mind state technology.

This Special Application Package includes access codes for two sessions, instruction booklet and audio cassette tape.

Core Relaxation Special Application Session
by Dominic Brucato, Ph.D. and Juan Abascal, Ph.D.

Designed from a Miami Metro Dade Police Department stress-reduction study, this intensive three-session training program is used to learn the ability to relax deeply and access resource states of consciousness that enhance learning, performance and creativity. The Core Relaxation Program is the most comprehensive relaxation training program of its kind, consisting of three cassette tapes and correlating to three Paradise sessions. Each tape provides background information on each relaxation skill taught. These skills cover breathing exercises, as well as progressive relaxation and visualization techniques.

Focus and Attention Special Application Session
by Dave Siever

It has been shown through brainwave monitoring that people with learning disabilities and particularily those with Attention Deficit Disorder, are lacking in the production of the sensorimotor rhythm and beta frequencies. These people also require attention-getting and focusing techniques to help them learn to associate relaxation with new experiences. The combination of these sessions with our Focus and Attention tapes make these sessions particularily suited for people with ADD.

Building Self-Esteem Special Application Session
by Dr. Frank Young, Ph.D.

This Special Application offers an effective approach for recovery from low self-esteem. It covers the topics of self-concept, self image, self esteem and includes cognitive strategies to reverse unrealistic expectations, reduce perfectionism, increase the ability to receive and integrate compliments and reverse the tendency to live for the approval of others. Also detailed is the use of deeply relaxed theta mind states for the incorporation of affirmations and imagery for self-acceptance and confidence. Self-acceptance and support are promoted by having a personal Inner Guide agree to help in each step in building confidence and self-esteem.

This Special Application Package includes the access codes and cassette tape.

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