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The Chi Machine Passive Aerobic Exerciser (HTE )


Chi is the Chinese word which refers to the life force or life energy. The Chi Machine is a passive aerobic exerciser that oxygenates, tones, and strengthens the body while increasing the feelings of aliveness and well-being. That is, it raises the Chi or life force in the body. The idea behind this unusual aerobic exerciser was developed by Dr.Shizuo Inoue, Chairman of Japan's Oxygen Health Association. Dr. Inoue, who has spent 38 years researching the relationship between oxygen levels in the body and the quality of human health, got his idea by watching goldfish swimming. Noting how remarkably healthy and well-toned fish are, Dr. Inoue thought that perhaps the steady undulation of the spine causes the fish's whole body to be exercised and oxygenated. What would be the effect on people, he wondered, if we could move like fish?

Engineers took his basic concept and designed the Chi Machine. "The pattern of motion the machine generates in the human body uses minimum effort and achieves maximum results," says Dr. Inoue. "It improves the basic metabolism of the body, increases our energy, adds flexibility to our lives and improves our attitude. It can also increase our sense of awareness, balancing the mind/body connection."

Using the Chi Machine is simple: Place the machine on a rug. Lie on your back and put your ankles in the grooves of the footrest on top of the machine. Then set the timer switch to activate the Chi Machine for the number of minutes desired. The footrest will begin to move back and forth, carrying your feet briskly from side to side. The movement will carry up through your legs and torso, throughout your entire body, causing you to wiggle back and forth like a fish swimming in water. All you do is relax and breathe deeply, letting the machine rock you gently but firmly for a maximum of 15 minutes. When the time is up, remain lying down for another two to five minutes, enjoying the remarkable afterglow .....Chi....as it moves throughout your body. The Chi Machine is patented in 27 countries and is licensed as a medical appliance in Japan. The Chi Machine is an ideal therapy tool for Chiropractors, Physical Therpists, Licensed Massage Therapists and other health care professionals.

Health Benefits:

The Chi Machine has been used successfully by over 1 million people world-wide, with many remarkable benefits reported by users including:

       Better stamina
       More energy, a greater sense of well-being
       Stronger and more limber spine and joints
       Firming and toning of thighs, hips, buttocks
       Sounder and more restful sleep
       Greater ease in getting going in the morning
       Stronger immune system - fewer or no colds
       Alleviation of many stress-related conditions
       Improved function of the internal organs
       Improved circulation of the blood
What people are saying about the Chi Machine:
 "In two months of using the Chi Machine, my thighs, hips, stomach and buttocks now look as good as they did when I was in my 20's, and I'm almost 52."

 "In only three weeks of using the Chi Machine, I lost 15 pounds effortlessly-and hospital lab tests showed that my blood cholesterol level dropped from 225 to 160 mg."
"My research has convinced me that lack of oxygen is the root of most or perhaps even all disease.".......Dr. Shizuo Inoue

Personal note from Volker Risto

I started my business in 1985 out of an intense interest in Alternative Health. Since that time, I have personally investigated dozens of instruments claiming to be the ultimate "Mind Machine" or energetic healing instrument. I must admit, the first time I saw the CHI MACHINE (March 1998), I was somewhat skeptical. A Chiropractor friend of mine brought a unit over to my office and asked me to try it. Well, needless to say, five minutes later I was completely won over. The CHI MACHINE is absolutely the most exciting energizing and relaxation tool that I have EVER investigated in the past 13 years. The old saying 'seeing is believing' applies to the CHI MACHINE. Only in this case, "try it out for five minutes" would be more appropriate. Every single person that has tried the unit falls in love with it after only five minutes.

At this point (Oct.98), I am still using the Chi Machine twice a day. On numerous occassions, I have gotten so relaxed that I drift off into a deep meditation state of conscious dreaming. (also called 'Lucid Dreaming'). Although it isn't normally advertised for this purpose, I believe the Chi Machine is also a great meditation tool. I have also noticed that when I use the Chi Machine shortly before bedtime, my sleep is very deep and restful. Naturally I'm in business to sell my goods, but more importantly, I really enjoy helping people improve their health and their lives! The CHI MACHINE has a 14 day money back guarantee. Try it, and if for any reason you are not convinced that this is the best investment in personal health that you could ever make, simply return it in good condition and your purchase will be promptly refunded. Thank You, Volker Risto.


A Chiropractor's Evaluation

Dr. Adam Schwartz

(extracted from: HSIN Ten Newsletter July/Aug 1995)


Doctoral degree from Palmer Chiropractic West, Diploma from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Licensed in California and Arizona

Professional Experience:

Works at the Westside Chiropractic Center Worked for Scandinavian Chiropractic in New Mexico. Has expertise in the Gonstead method.

Having worked with Sun Harmony for only six months, I have found a modality unlike anything I have come across. Whereas the use of passive motion has been used by chiropractors for many years, the equipment has been cost prohibitive for home use on a frequent basis. Additionally, it is often too intense for the more active disc cases.

Sun Harmony is affordable for daily home use and has tremendous benefits for diverse cases. The speed and fluidity of motion overrides the pain spasm mechanism, while at the same time oxygenates and mobilizes the tissues of the entire body. The results are phenomenal.

High Blood Pressure, Arthritis Pain

Helen N Li

(extracted from: Hsin Ten Newsletter Sept 1994)

At the end of last year, a friend brought to my attention the healthy benefits of using the Sun Harmony Aerobic Exerciser. After using the machine only once, I was amazed at how relaxing and easy it was to use, confident that others would feel the same. I encouraged my friends and family to try it.

My father has had high blood pressure and suffered from arthritis for 20 years. After using the machine for 2 months, he said that it had returned his blood pressure to normal and lessened his pain considerably.

My father is not the only one feeling better. Everyone I have recommended it to has also gained better health after using the machine.

I personally think that I made a wise choice of owning one (Sun Harmony) because it provides me an efficient equipment to help achieving optimal health, as well as for daily physical upkeep in today's fast-paced world.

Weight Loss 20 Pounds

Muyun Chen

(extracted from: Hsin Ten Newsletter May /June 1995)

My daughter gave me a "Sun Harmony Aerobic Exerciser" as a birthday gift last year, when I just had a surgery of my toe bone. After using the "Sun Harmony Aerobic Exerciser" for several days, I felt the blood circulating inside my whole body, and the painful feeling of the wound after operation totally disappeared. A few days later even the redness and swelling of the extravasated blood dissolved. Very soon I could walk without the walking stick, the convalescent period was so short that even doctors rarely heard about.

At present, I insist on using the exerciser 2-3 times daily. My body weight has dropped down by more than 20 pounds, and the effect is especially evident in the fat of abdomen and buttock. I could not have imagined so many benefits brought about by the Sun Harmony Aerobic Exerciser.

I tell the good news to all my relatives and friends. The health of dozens of seniors is now improving to varying degrees, some of them have their chronic arid stubborn diseases completely cured. An old man over seventy had a brain concussion and coma after a car accident. After using the Sun Harmony Aerobic Exerciser he was completely recovered within one month, an incredible fact!

The Sun Harmony Aerobic Exerciser brings me health and vitality as well as appreciation and gratitude. I whole heartedly feel that Hsin Ten Enterprise brings benefit to mankind. I'd like to share this good news with many more people.



(extracted from: Hsin ten Newsletter May 1998)

In late 1996, I was a 57 year old obese male with non-insulin dependent diabetes, high blood pressure and noticed that I was slowly losing feeling in my right foot.

In early 1997, my podiatrist diagnosed my condition as neuropathy. The office test consisted of having the podiatrist touch seven points on the bottom of my right foot. I could only detect three of these contacts. I knew that I would have to start doing something as I figured that at age 57 I was too young to have such a condition. Moreover, I was one who despised exercise of any type. I justified some of this dislike to the spurs which I was developing on both of my feet.

In retrospect, it seems providential that by coincidence I went with my wife to visit a friend who happened to be a distributor of the Chi Machine. I didn't say anything about the neuropathy but as a good salesman he introduced me to the Chi Machine and provided me with the literature and the audio tape.

After listening to the tape several times and reading the literature, I decided to try the machine. I used the machine every morning before going to work and every evening before going to sleep. I find both of these 15 minute periods as highlights of relaxation in each of my days. The machine travels with me on vacations and there have been very few days on which I have not used the machine.

In November of 1997, I asked the podiatrist to recheck my neuropathy. Upon feeling all seven contacts, the podiatrist sent me in for a nerve conduction study. The results of that study provided a diagnosis of a "barely perceptible neuropathy" attributed to my diabetic condition.

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