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Ultra Magi, by Ed Skilling, is based upon the work of Georges Lakhovsky, a scientist from France who came to America in the 1920's and demonstrated the "Multiple Wave Oscillator". The MWO used a "Tesla" coil that produced radio frequency signals throughout the radio band of VHF (very high frequency). It produced positive results when used for various ailments. In 1925, Lakhovsky wrote an article in the Feb. issue of Radio News Magazine about a new version of his instrument that used electron tubes to produce radio energy in the very high frequency band.

In the last paragraph he wrote, "In conclusion, I wish to call attention to the reader to the fact that I have obtained very conclusive results not only with a wavelength of two meters, but with longer and shorter wavelengths. The main thing is to produce the greatest number of harmonics possible". Briefly, Lakhovsky believed that when a cell is out of balance, a corrective frequency could be introduced that would restore the cells and the entire system back to their original condition, thus restoring overall health. Not knowing the exact frequency required for each situation, Lakhovsky devised this multi-wave approach in the belief that one or more frequencies would be accepted by the subject and used to restore a state of equilibrium.

The Ultra Magi, designed by engineer, Ed Skilling, is based upon Lakhovsky's research and operates in the VHF radio spectrum. This instrument shares some features with our Photon Sound Beam, but also has some distinct differences. The RF energies are applied by holding the Ivory colored "Flat Pak" RF probe with the 6 ft. long cord. This is held flat against the body surface of the subject throughout the session. In the sealed container of the flat pak is a high-frequency, quartz crystal-controlled oscillator that produces an electromagnetic modulated signal. These frequencies are rich in harmonics.

A variable pulse dial is used to synchronize the unit's output pulse rate with the subject's own pulse. Three toggle switches, each with its own frequency setting (666Hz., 690Hz. and 728Hz.) may be switched to their "up" position to create a sequencing of frequency rates, changing from one frequency to the next every eight pulses. They can also be used individually in conjuction with the variable pulse dial and / or with the special 7.28Hz. switch on.

Application of the Individual Frequency Switches

The first RF signal, 666Hz. will hypothetically handle most situations of a bacterial nature, and or muscle pain. The second RF signal at 690Hz. is hypothetically used for bacterial, fungal and viral conditions. The third RF signal, 728Hz is hypothetically used for viruses and to correct central electrical flow for the entire system. The last switch on the lower right of the instrument panel is set for 7.28Hz. and is hypothetically used for tissue regeneration for all conditions after improvement takes place. This setting may be used alone with any of the other three switches. Do not use the 7.28 when sequencing all three frequencies at once. For example: the 7.28 toggle switch in its "up position" and the 690Hz. switch in the down (manual setting) position with the 666 and 728 set to the middle or "off" position.


* Variable pulse dial which can be adjusted from 60 to 120 beats a minute.  This is within the normal pulse rate of most subjects and allows one to synchronize the Ultra Magi pulse rate with the subject's own pulse rate.
* Three toggle switches to the right of the variable pulse dial have individual frequency settings:  A)  666 Hz.  B) 690 Hz. and C) 728 Hz.
* Center of panel toggle switch is used in conjunction with the variable pulse dial.
* Switch on lower right panel is set for 7.28 Hz. and is believed to promote regeneration according to the inventor.
* RF Probe or "Flat Pak" is 4x2x3/4 inches with a 6 ft. cord that connects into a five pin Din connector on lower right panel.
* Power output of the Flat Pak is under 1 watt.  This low level is sufficient when positioned next to the body of the subject.
* A 1/2 amp fuse for safety of the input power of 115 volt 60 cycle AC.
* FREE video lecture by inventor, Ed Skilling from the 1998 U.S. Psychotronics Association Convention

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