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A.T.P. = Adenosine Triphosphate, a nucleoside that is the primary source of energy of the living cell. It is formed by genetic structures within the cell called the mitochondria. These mitochondria are the enzyme factors whose primary function is to convert carbons (simple sugars) in to A.T.P. Billions of years ago the polarizing action of sunlight on the face of the earth catalyzed the formation of nucleosides. These nucleosides were further polarized into the mitochondria. Once the mitochondria were formed, they took over the polarizing functions of the sun and produced enough A.T.P. to provide the polarizing force to build nucleotides, master genes, DNA, etc. These first mitochondria encoded the origin of life with the keys to the entire genetic evolutionary process.

INDUCTOR: In Embryology the word inductor is defined: The influence of one tissue upon the development of adjacent tissue. The Quantum Radiance Instrument induces heightened activity of the mitochondria in living cells. Induction works by a process called sympathetic resonance. An example of sympathetic resonance can be seen in an experiment involving two tuning forks. If one is static and the second is struck, its vibration will cause the first tuning fork to go into a harmonic sympathetic resonance by proximity.

The A.T.P. Inductor (Quantum Radiance Instrument) consists of an internally computerized control unit and a quadrapod treatment head that supports itself directly over a tissue area. The inductor mimics the complex photo-biological and high frequency harmonics interference patterns and phase shifts that are emitted by the normal activity of mitochondria. Normal electron transport is induced by the 450 nanometer light wave that is the peak spectral absorption rate of the cytochrome oxidase group of enzymes that impregnate the outer membrane of the double bi-polar membrane structure of the mitochondria. The inner membrane of the mitochondria function as a proton pump and this activity is induced via the 880 nanometer light wave that is its peak spectral absorption rate. Oxygen is the electron donor and in normal function of the mitochondria the oxygen (and electrons it provides) are kept apart from the inner proton pump of the mitochondrial membranes by the high repository activity of the cytochrome oxidase group of enzymes, thus maintaining a cascade of oxidative actions to produce A.T.P. Low activity of the cytochrome oxidase group of enzymes causes the cell to degrade into a fermentative or anaerobic metabolism because the electrons (by not being in the repository state held by cytochrome P-450) automatically combine with the protons, thus depriving the inner membrane of the mitochondria of its electrical gradient. If this degradation into a fermentative metabolism becomes dominant, then the mitochondria do not produce A.T.P. and the energy of the cell diminishes. The head of the A.T.P. Inductor (QRI) exactly duplicates the light wave and harmonic interferences emitted from very high activity of mitochondria. By sympathetic resonance the activity of the mitochondria are heightened throughout the entire cellular matrix of the subject being treated, taking about 20 to 30 minutes to pervade the entire body.

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