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Quantum Radiance Instrument Light Pattern





QRI Light Pattern

A.T.P. is the primary inductive force of the living cell. Refer to the book: A REVOLUTION IN THE PHYSIOLOGY OF THE LIVING CELL by Gilbert Ling, Ph.D. A.T.P. is the primary inductive force that defines the living state of the cell by polarizing the constituents of the cell within its energetic field. Thus keeping the cell in its normal state of polarization or low entropy (a measure of disorder) by inducing polypeptide chains, water and potassium into the same polarized state that makes them functional participants within the cell. The periphery of this inductive field created by the A.T.P. is the cell wall or membrane. An A.T.P. reservoir enhances cellular function and transforms the physiology of the being into a genetic adaptive (regenerative) mode.

The action of the Quantum Radiance Instrument is greatly enhanced if the Iymph system is in optimal mechanical function. Therefore, the treatment protocol would involve use of the Photon Sound Beam first. After the P.S.B. treatment, the quadrapod of the Quantum Radiance Instrument is placed over the sternum for 20 minutes to produce systemic enhancement of the immune system. When there are optimal Iymph and immune functions, the Quantum Radiance Instrument can be used to induce the very high A.T.P. reservoir necessary for tissue regeneration. Each QRI is precision hand-crafted per order and may require a delivery period up to 30 days.

Notice: The QRI is not intended or recommended as an alternative to accepted modes of first aid, or medical intervention, or treatment. It is not intended to be used as a medical device for humans, or in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure, or mitigation of any illnesses or diseases in humans. The QRI is an experimental electronic research instrument for use by qualified individuals. All cases of injury or disease must be diagnosed and treated by a licensed health professional.

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