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Control unit type Salut
Power supply 110V
Frequency 60hz
Current 0.25A operation/ 0.05A standby
Waveform sawtooth shape for optimum transport of ions
Fuse Transformer with set thermoregulator 130C
Primary fuse 0.25 A/T
Operation continuous operation
Operation temperature +10C to +40C
Storage temperature 0C to +70C
Outlet voltage on applicator max.20v ac
Applicator connection cinch jack
Safety grade 2
Safety type IP40 (not water proof)
Safety precaution BF ( for electrical shock)
Grade 10/keyboard
Intensity levels
Button I to V
Application duration 8min. (automatic switch off)
Application duration every 2 minutes
Application end automatically after 8 minute.or manually with the stop button.
Application current approx. 2A level V approx. 200mA level 1
Applicator 1 Coil Matt
Number of spools 3 pairs, enclosed in cotton-cretonne
Cover 100% cotton fabric
Applicator 2 Coil pad
Number of spools 1 pair, enclosed in cotton-cretonne
Cover imitation leather
Magnetic field intensity 4000 NT (nano tesla)
Case ABS

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