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Acupuncturists - may use the Chroma-Lite just as they would use a needle to bring healing color to an entire meridian system

Chiropractors - may use the Chroma-Lite to remove blockages and enhance the free flow of energy

Massage Therapists - may use the Chroma-Lite  to help relax muscle spasms and relieve discomfort.  Their clients also benefit from using the Chroma-Lite as a
tool to facilitate meditation

Veterinarians - may use the Chroma-Lite as a non-threatening method of working on animals


The Chroma-Lite is a hand-held, wand-shaped instrument, approximately 6.5 inches in length (like a small flashlight).  By sliding an adjustable lever up and
down on the Chroma-Lite, you can cycle through a complete range of colors that are projected out through the open tip from a bright light source and a series
of colored gels inside the unit.  Unlike some related instruments that require the therapist to constantly install and remove different colored applicator tips,
Chroma-Lite saves both time and frustration and allows you to focus on your client.  By sliding two adjacent colored gels half-way over the light source, you
project the combination of both colors. The crystal applicator end has a recessed fitting that allows you to "plug in" the clear quartz crystal tip that comes with
each kit, or any one of seven optional colored crystals (see below).  However, it is not necessary to insert a crystal tip in order to enjoy the many benefits of
Chroma-Lite color therapy    The optional applicator tips are available for those individuals who wish to further explore the unique vibrational energy effects
that different colored crystals generate.


Each Chroma-Lite Kit comes with a copper-colored light instrument, a carrying case, a clear quartz applicator tip and a detailed instruction manual that
describes the use of colored light for specific applications.  Unit operates from two AA size batteries (included).

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