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Infratonic QGM  Chinese Qi Gong Instrument





The Infratonic QGM, QiGong (or Chi Gong) instrument was designed to simulate the type of healing energy measured from the hands of Chinese QiGong master healers. Thousands of patients in Asia and around the world have benefited from QiGong therapy. The Infratonic QGM employs randomized low-frequency acoustic signals in the range of 7.83 to 13.5 Hz. (Alpha brainwave) that are transmitted to the body by means of a hand-held acoustic transducer. QiGong or Chi energies are said to enhance lymphatic circulation, reduction in edema, and deep relaxation of muscles and the nervous system. Many Chiropractors use the QiGong instrument for relieving chronic and acute pain in joints, muscles, vertebrae, and for numerous other healing applications. Individuals report improved sleeping and an increase in energy levels associated with QiGong therapy.

Benefits of the Infratonic QGM
Reduce Pain: The Infratonic provides pain relief which often reduces the requirement for pain medication. It is highly effective on the pain of acute injuries and swelling, pain associated with fatigue, and chronic pain. The Infratonic is often effective where all else has failed. Unlike other modalities which become less effective as the body gets used to them, the effectiveness of the Infratonic increases with time as healing progresses.
Relax Muscles: The Infratonic's gentle, penetrating massage action loosens and relaxes muscles so your therapist can manipulate them more easily. It also helps the muscles to stay relaxed in their proper position to minimize pinched nerves and restricted circulation. This decreases the likelihood that residual muscle tension will pull bones and vertebrae back into their old painful position, increasing the long-term value of your treatment.
Relive Nerve Impingement: Chronic muscle tension can cause vertebrae to impinge on motor and sensory nerves which can, in turn, cause muscular tension. This perpetuates the cycle of nerve impingement and may lead to degeneration. The Infratonic can relieve this muscular tension while facilitating nerve function, thereby breaking the cycle and providing long term relief.
Facilitate Deep Massage: Tense, armored muscles often prevent the therapist's fingers from penetrating deeply into the body. As muscle groups relax with the Infratonic, the therapist can reach deeper problem areas in the body.
Enhance Local Circulation: Capillaries dilate to increase the flow of fresh blood to the area of injury. The lymph system functions more efficiently, transporting away excess fluids. Swelling that often occurs with acute injuries and surgery disappears more quickly.
Reduce Dizziness: Those who may feel sleepy or dizzy immediately after a therapy treatment will often feel more active and clear thinking with the Infratonic.
Improve Sleeping: After an Infratonic treatment, many report a good sound sleep as subconscious factors and mental worries are reduced. Some individuals fall asleep during their first treatment.

Increased Energy Level: As pain is relieved, local circulation is enhanced and muscles are relaxed. Many patients report and emotional release, an increase in energy level, and a sense of well being.

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