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Magnetic Pulser


Based on the Research of Dr. Robert C. Beck

What is the Magnetic Pulser?

Full instructions about the use and benefits of the Magnetic Pulser can found in the research papers published by Dr. Robert C. Beck. The research is based on an "Experimental IN VIVO Lymph, Virus, Microbe, Fungi and Parasite Elimination Device for Experimental / Theoretical HIV Lymph Neutralization". For an on-line read of the original Patent #5,188,738 click here.

The Magnetic Pulser is a professionally designed quality instrument, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate as per the specifications in Dr. Bob Beck's research. The Magnetic Pulser (MPG) is designed to generate an intense (~21,490 gauss) momentary (~2.5mS) magnetic field. NOTE: Please do not confuse the MPG with permanent / ceramic magnet therapies, or with EMR (electromagnetic radiation) producing devices!

Through the principle of induction, this magnetic field creates eddy-currents (tiny electrical micro-currents) in living organic materials that contain an electrolyte such as saline. The result is the same as what the Silver Pulser does, only the Magnetic Pulser requires no contact, and can be used to target specific areas.

The Magnetic Pulser is intended for research purposes only and is not a medical device intended for use on humans. Before applying these magnetic energies, consult your licensed health practitioner or medical doctor.

Magnetic Pulser Features and Specifications

* Operates from an AC-AC Wall Adaptor (included) or from a 12 Volt DC source like an                                      automobile battery
* Fully Automatic! the MPG2 will automatically charge and discharge - no manual pulsing required
* An internal Digital Counter allows the MPG2 to pulse 64 times automatically.  Simply reset the unit to continue
* LED Light Bar-graph: a light bar-graph consisting of five Green LED lights, illuminates sequentially giving a visual indication of the MPG charging up. 

* A Red LED light indicates that a count of 64 pulses has been reached
* Double-insulated to ensure the greatest electrical safety with no exposed wires or leads
* Coil is completely enclosed in epoxy with no exposed wires or leads
* Very long lifetime.  Expect well over 250,000 cycles of operation
* Overload Protection: if an overload or fault condition should occur in the charging section, a sensor will limit the current, then eventually shutdown unit
* Fast charging cycle: Unit fully charges in less than 5 seconds
* Shipping weight is approx. 3 pounds.  Unit has a 1 year warranty for parts and labor
* Energy Storage Capacitor: 600 uF, 330 Volts DC
* Energy Storage: 32 Joules (Watt Seconds)
* Peak Magnetic Field Output: 21,490 gauss (~21 kilo-gauss)
* Typical Peak Charge Voltage: 330 Volts DC
* Max. Peak Charge Voltage: 350 Volts DC
* Max. Peak Current Discharge into Coil: 115 Amps
* Pulse Rise Time: <1.8 uS (micro seconds)
* Pulse Duration: ~2.5 mS (milli seconds)
* Main Coil Inductance: ~2.3 mH (milli henries)
F* lux Density: 31,050 Ampere Turns
* High power output: Generates ~32 Joules (watt seconds) of energy through a 600uF, 330 VDC photoflash capacitor

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