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Wolf-Tek Bio-energy Generator  by Merlin D. Wolf





Wolf-Tek is a hand-held, battery powered Tesla coil type spark generator that produces a continuous series of high-energy, harmonic-rich frequencies from an ionized Neon emitter bulb located in the end of the unit. The bulb is visible after removing the end cover. This is similar in some respects to instruments like the Photon Sound Beam , but at a smaller scale. Simply point the wand near the desired acupuncture, acupressure or trigger point and press the button for 15 to 20 seconds. Wolf-Tek may also be applied like a magic marker over the affected area. Wolf-Tek should not be confused with the simple piezo-quartz type stimulators that produce a single (and unpleasant) spark each time the plunger button is clicked. With Wolf-Tek, there is no need to actually touch the skin as the energies are transmitted through the air. Of course, one may press the emitter bulb directly on the skin for greater effect if desired. In this case, only a slight electrostatic tingling is felt. Wolf-Tek can be used with the neon emitter head covered up or with the bulb exposed. This is a great tool for all health professionals and regular individuals alike. Rapidly overcomes energy blockages and reharmonizes the vital energy flow (Chi) in the body. Each Wolf-Tek unit is carefully hand made and is available in limited supply. Wolf-Tek may cost more than some similar-looking products but then, it is much more! Frequency range: 150Khz. - 3,000 Khz +. (Harmonics into Gigahertz frequencies) Unit weighs just 5 ounces and operates from two AA size batteries. Includes instructions and acupuncture reference charts.

We also offer our basic MRT unit (microwave resonance therapy) that was the predecessor to Wolf-Tek. It operates on the same principle as the Wolf-Tek but does not employ the miniature neon bulb and may lack some of the frequency harmonics found in Wolf-Tek.

Read Dr. Bob Beck's historical overview and explanation of MRT as published in 1990 - 1994.

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