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POINTER PLUS Point Locator and Stimulator





Pointer Plus is a fast and safe method of locating and stimulating acupuncture and trigger points. Pointer Plus replaces traditional acupuncture needles with a mild electrical pulse which can be easily self-administered .

Use of Pointer Plus, like acupuncture, depends upon accurate identification and stimulation of the body's low resistance points which are located near the skin's surface and are a key mechanism for the natural relief of pain. Pointer Plus' sensor / electrode measures the difference in electrical resistance between a low resistance point and the surrounding skin. Precise location of the point is indicated by a buzzer and a flashing green light. Push the applicator button and a mild electrical pulse is applied through the same sensor / electrode for 15 - 20 seconds. This procedure is repeated for each of the points indicated for a specific need. Great for minor aches and pains and overall energy balancing. Unit is adjustable for voltage and point locator sensitivity Uses a single 9 volt battery and comes with a sturdy plastic case.

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