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Are loud neighbors, your spouse's snoring or other irritating noises keeping you awake at night? No problem when you have a Marpac sound conditioner. These unique devices employ the latest technology to create soothing, natural sounds that effectively mask out unwanted noise that may interfere with your ability to sleep, relax, meditate or concentrate on work or studies.

Our products produce the sounds of nature and surround you with an environment of "conditioned" sound. This sound is continuous and pleasant, and works like a balm to soothe and relax.

Marpac sound conditioners are not entertainment systems, toys or gimmicks. They are recommended by doctors for their patients, by mothers for their children, by professional people for their offices, by restless sleepers and most enthusiastically, by current users throughout the world.

There is a Marpac sound conditioner to meet virtually every need and budget. All models are proudly made in the USA.

Marpac corporation was founded in 1962 as Buck Manufacturing Company in Elkhart, Indiana. The company was formed to produce the original "Sound-O- Sleep" sound conditioner which was invented by Mr. Jim Buckwalter for his personal use.

The "Sound-O-Sleep" quickly became popular among his friends and acquaintances, and was to become the first successful sound conditioner for consumer use in the USA - probably the world.

In 1968, operations were moved to the present location in Wilmington, North Carolina. In 1997, Marpac became an employee owned company.

Through research and development, Marpac expects to remain on the cutting edge of technology. While the company has moved into new product areas, Marpac's goal is to continue as the world's leading producer of the finest quality sound conditioning products. All of our products continue to be Made In The USA.


Home Use....To mask noises such as....Loud Neighbors....Street Noise....Television and stereos....Barking Dogs....Snoring Spouse....Appliance Noise....Air Traffic....Conversation....Tinnitus (ringing,buzzing in the ears)

College Use....To mask dormitory noises to allow uninterrupted study or sleep....Professional/Office Use....To mask conversations to ensure confidentiality....To Mask noises such as typing or keyboard clicking to allow concentration, etc.....To help relax patients of therapists, counselors, dentists, etc.

Also, to add sound in environments that are too quiet.


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