Sound Purity

 Marsona® TSC-350





The natural sounds of rain, waterfall and ocean surf, featuring Gentle Awake travel alarm clock.

Marsona TSC-350

Strange hotel noises, barking dogs or airplanes keeping you awake? No problem when you have the Marsona TSC-350 Travel Sound Conditioner. This unique, compact travel companion employs the latest technology to create soothing, natural sounds that effectively mask out unwanted noise.

At home, office or on the road, you can tune in the sounds of rain, waterfall or ocean surf while tuning out hotel sounds, street noise and other distractions.

The TSC-350 features the Gentle Awake travel alarm clock. Unlike other alarms that jar you awake, with a loud noise, the Gentle Awake travel alarm begins with the sound of silence. When the alarm is first activated, it simply turns off the sound conditioner and the abrupt silence is often enough to gently awaken many people. After about a minute, a soft and gentle beeping sound becomes audible. The beeping gradually gets louder until it reaches full volume after 8 minutes. Full volume is as loud or louder than most bedside alarm clocks or clock radios and should wake up even the soundest sleeper.

The TSC-350 is available in a 110 volt USA version, an International dual voltage Model (TSCI-350) and a Camper Model (TSCC-350) with 12 volt DC auto cord.


Combination sound conditioner and travel alarm clock....Adjustable rain, surf and waterfall settings....Built-in digital travel alarm clock with LCD display....Gentle Awake Travel Alarm....Controllable LCD Display light....Push button operation....Slide controls for tone and volume....Compact and lightweight for travel....Solid state electronics....30-day unconditional guarantee....One year limited warranty....Made in the U.S.A.


SIZE: 6 1/2"(L) x 4"(H) x 2 1/2"(D) SPEAKER: 3", 8 ohm WEIGHT: 1.3 pounds, including transformer COLOR: Fog White with accent colors MATERIAL: ABS Plastic ELECTRICAL: External wall mount transformer (UL, CSA, TV, CE, etc). Normal household current. 6 foot cord with 2.5 x 5.5 mm plug.

One AA battery (not included) will maintain memory in the clock, but is not required for operating unit.

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