BT6, The Brain Tuner by Dr. Bob Beck




The BT-6 (brain tuner) by Dr. Bob Beck has been the leader in electronic relaxation systems since 1983. BT-6 is an experimental, battery powered electronic instrument that delivers minute levels of relaxing energy to the body through an electrode placed just behind the ears. These micro-current energy pulses appear to stimulate and rebalance certain brain neurotransmitter chemicals such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, etc. that may be involved in many stress related conditions. Some of these neurotransmitters are also thought to be linked to memory, creativity, learning, and intelligence.

Compared to other relaxation programs, the Brain Tuner requires no special effort, training or exotic equipment. Most individuals describe the experience as being one of focused deep relaxation, even when high stress or anxiety have been present. Over twenty years of research in the U.S. and Europe have demonstrated numerous benefits from instruments like BT-6. Furthermore, you never have to worry about any unpleasant pharmaceutical side-effects when using this remarkable product. In fact, our review of over 100 scientific studies with thousands of subjects reveals that a great majority of individuals report numerous long-term improvements after two to three weeks of use. Several studies have demonstrated dramatic improvements in memory and I.Q. testing scores in subjects using this procedure. Research studies on all the above and more are available on-line at this external link . Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES)
The many benefits of BT-6 tend to be cumulative in nature and gradually reveal themselves over a period of 1 to 3 weeks. Change is spontaneous and effortless. We invite you to try BT-6 for a no-risk 30 day trial and discover the many ways it may enhance your performance and contribute to positive changes in your life. BT-6 Brain Tuner is truly in a class by itself. Thousands of satisfied customers have benefited from Dr. Beck's BT-6 relaxation system since 1983. Join them now and discover today's most powerful technology for effortless deep relaxation and enhanced learning!

BT-6 features an automatic shut-off timer that may be set for 30, 45, or 60 minutes and a choice of three pulse output modes: (1) 111 Hz. pulse repetition rate - which is the default setting whenever the unit is first switched on (2) an interrupted output pulse (on 1 second, off 1 second, etc.) and (3) a 7.83 Hz. voltage modulated pulse. BT-6 is microprocessor controlled and includes a crystal timer to ensure stable and precise frequencies.

Many people associate 7.83 Hz. with the so-called 'Earth Resonance Frequency' or 'Earth's Brainwave' as discovered by German Scientist Dr. Schumann in the 1950's. Schumann measured the naturally occurring magnetic resonance of the earth's ionospheric cavity and noted a prominent frequency oscillation at 7.83 Hz . The signature displayed on the graph recorder appeared nearly identical to a human Alpha Brain Wave. Some years ago, Dr. Bob Beck analyzed the EEG brain wave activity of a number of natural healers and noted that the 7.83 Hz. frequency was very prominent when these individuals were operating in their healing state of consciousness.

BT-6 is covered by a six month warranty for any needed repairs or adjustments. BT-6 weighs just 7 ounces and measures 4.5 x 3 and 5/8 x 1 inches. Unit comes with nine-volt battery installed, operating instructions and a free ninety minute Brain Tuner lecture tape by Dr. Beck.

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