Magical Stories That Change Lives - Effortlessly
Erase negative thinking without even working on it consciously? Reprogram yourself for maximum success - automatically? Enjoy tangible changes in your thinking, feeling and behaving - without hard work? Is it possible?

For the Child in Everyone
Everyone loves listening to fairy tales, and the ones you hear from Dr. Lloyd Glauberman are twice as magical as any others you may have heard. Except you probably won't remember your incredible adventure! He tells you two stories simultaneously - one in each ear - and the best surprise in the stories may be the change you feel taking place in you. While you learn to relax to playfully mysterious musical sounds, he treats you to a double version of a timeless, myth-like saga about someone who leaves the stream of ordinary life for a fantastic adventure and returns as a changed person .

Putting You to Sleep
We've tried hard to follow both stories, but never have we lasted more than a few minutes. Your conscious mind quickly learns to give up trying to make sense of the two messages, and you enter a trance for the duration of your listening experience.

Effortless Changes
You emerge after 30 minutes of listening (if you decide to get up) and are likely to notice amazing changes in your feelings and behaviour. And you felt like you were just hearing a story! No wonder these tapes are among our most popular, with extremely high customer satisfaction.

Confirmed by Research
These tapes have been evaluated by researchers such as Thomas Budzynski and Julian Issacs, and their value has been confirmed time and again. They are one of the most powerful technologies available for teaching hard-to-entrain Theta brainwaves of consciousness.

"In a controlled study it was shown that Dr. Glauberman's HPP tapes were significantly more effective as an aid to weight loss than any other two tapes tested." - Katherine M. Kilgore, Ph.D.

         Enjoy profound changes effortlessly
         Stories speak directly to the child within you
         Results substantiated by independent research
         Audio techniques: Two voices, music & 3-D sound frequencies

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